“Birthday” gift portraits

Best Furry Friends Portraits

Best moments, memories & mayhem
captured for ever...

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Best Furry Friends Portraits

Best moments, memories and mayhem
captured for ever...

When Debbie sees Hilda again

This work was commissioned by the daughter of Hilda’s human after Hilda was taken very suddenly & horribly from her Mum, Debbie. With her Mum so very distraught and with her birthday only a short time away - her beautiful daughter commissioned this painting as a special birthday gift for her Mum.

Hilda - Snuggling Forever :-)

Hilda is placed in the painting in her absolute favourite place, snuggled on the blue couch under her big squishy duvet. (Duner being Australian!)
She is snuggly warm & safe and looking off into the distance forever toward her favourite human in the world, Debbie. 

Rosie - A day at the beach

This Artwork was ordered for Rosie’s Mum by her very special man.
His request was for me to capture Rosie’s image in a way that spoke of her gentleness & beauty - and hinted at his love story with Rosie’s human mum...


Luciano - Pretty & Regal

He has been told so many times - that as cuddly, smoochy & good looking as he is, Luciano is much too pretty to be a boy. So, every now & again he wanders inside with a giant rat in his mouth just to confirm his manhood status & to amuse...


Luna - Butter wouldn’t melt…

Finding a balance between Luna’s stunning beauty and her absolute craziness was fun. Accentuating the hydrangeas behind her was the first port of call to play off that startlingly beautiful (single) blue eye.
Next was inserting a totally trashed football in the raised garden to speak to her absolutely obsessive, ball crazy side - and total lack of respect for her parent’s gardens.

Floyd in Hat

Forever the dude, Floyd loves nothing more than hanging with the family, whatever they are doing... wearing a life jacket when boating, lazing with the teenagers or rocking a hat whilst sitting at the bench with the whanau and a glass of fine scotch.
Described as 'so laid back he’s nearly a couch’ - that's our main man, Floyd.

Ozzy - “The Guardian - What would Lassie do?”

Ozzie is a confirmed ‘blokes dog’ and loves nothing more than hanging with his Dad and loves their outings including their frequent fishing trips together. He is also the biggest softy known to canine-ness. He absolutely loves all animals and has a heart the size of his Dad’s Land Cruiser.
The scene is the stunning Kaikoura beach - and after a sneaky Heiny or 2, Tony has had to pop away for a mo leaving Ozzy to guard ...


Poppet - Her rightful place…

The Pretty Princess with a penchant for a nice Taittinger’s cork, the odd sheep (& bit of beef fillet) to chew on and her Chewy Vuitton handbag at the ready. Poppet knows what she likes and it is generally - in the lap of luxury.

Suzie - Huh? :-)

The adorable & incorrigibly scruffy, Suzie.
Raised on a farm, Suzie loves the outdoors and all that encompasses.
She is enjoying retirement and her frequent visits to the Heathcote River with her favourite human, Jude.
A whimsical composition incorporating her favourite walking area - and a wee bit of fun.

Doby - Footprints

Commissioned at the time Doby’s journey with us was drawing to a close, we shared one last journey with him to Sumner Beach.
It was a beautiful clear calm day in May and Doby ran as much as he could bare - thumbing his paw at the cancer that was wrecking his once strong & lithe body. Incorporating his footprints in the sand, this painting is a story of his love of Sumner Beach, the ‘foreverness’ of our bond - and the feeling he is now free, forever chasing bubbles & barking at the wind.

 Ollie - “Superdog”

By all accounts Ollie’s humans have tried all his life to get a photo of him ‘in full flight’ as he runs & lands on their deck. Being that he moves at close to the speed of sound, this has proven nigh impossible. So their request - to capture Ollie in full flight, jumping onto the deck of their still un-built...